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  • Mossy Creek Mushrooms
  • 711 West Cherokee Drive 
  • Jefferson City Tennessee 
  • 37760
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Delicious, life-changing, and essential to the environment!

Mossy Creek Mushrooms offers the best fresh mushrooms and mushroom growing kits in East Tennessee. Our varieties have been carefully cultivated over years to be fun and easy to grow, consume waste products and pollutants, and--most importantly--be as tasty as possible! Join us to learn more about sustainability and the joy of eating and growing mushrooms.


Mossy Creek Mushrooms is a small family farm located in Jefferson City Tennessee. Mushroom growing kits and gourmet fresh mushrooms sold at local farmer’s markets form the core of our business, although we are expanding into many different areas of the mushroom business as well! We believe many of the old, good practices of humankind are still relevant to modern life, especially growing your own food. We believe in holding onto our heritage, and named our farm Mossy Creek Mushrooms after the original name of Jefferson City and the creek that still runs through the town today.

Sustainability is incredibly important to us. This love of sustainability led us to the local food movement and eventually to mushrooms. Mushrooms are incredibly healthy for both humans and the environment! Mushrooms break down many pollutants, grow on waste substrates, and can even serve as natural antibiotics. They can grow on a wide variety of materials, in a number of different environments, and can be grown on land that often cannot be used for more intensive agricultural purposes. The best thing about mushrooms though is that they taste great!

Everything we sell is grown on resources that are as local as possible. We get straw from a farm down the road, coffee grounds from local restaurants, and logs from surrounding wood lots. We grow on the best possible substrates, never use chemicals, and constantly search for new strains to provide you with the best dining experience. We hope you love our mushrooms as much as we do! Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or just for a friendly chat about our mushroom friends!